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"The Glades" Disc Golf Course (proposed)
We propose to build a 9 hole disc golf course in the southern area of our park, expandable to 18 total holes.
  • Players throw a disc at a target with rules similar to golf.
  • Proposed 9 hole course would generally follow the park boundary, create a loop, and be accessible for multiple skill levels
  • Would not impede/cross over existing or planned features (also easy to modify later)

Meshach Browning referred to this general area as “The Glades” (def: an open area surrounded by trees) – nice tie-in with our History Center

Disc golf is actually fairly accessible for the visually impaired
A number of initiatives in the Disc Golf community
Low tech options of simply rattling the chains at the target to help throwers aim
Bluetooth devices that emit sounds like the TrackR Bravo, controlled with a phone app, help players locate the major landmarks of the game, like baskets and discs.
Glattke K., Fakhri B., Heath C., Moore M., Rahimi M. (2019) Design of an Enhanced Disc Golf Game to Facilitate Players with Visual Impairments. In: Goossens R. (eds) Advances in Social and Occupational Ergonomics, vol 792, Springer, Cham. (2019)
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