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Art at the Meshach Browning History Center
As part of creating an experience based around Meshach Browning, we have commissioned a number of art pieces created by local artists in a variety of media for visitors to enjoy. Below is more information on them
Wooden chainsaw-carved sculpture
During the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce's Business After Hours event on August 8th 2019, the Deep Creek Lake Lions unveiled the first addition to the Meshach Browning History Center - a life size chainsaw-carved statue of Meshach Browning. 
An amateur historian , who desired to remain anonymous, wanted to additionally contribute to the construction of a lasting monument to Browning. The Club worked with the donor to find an appropriate piece that fit the budget and commissioned a life-sized chain saw carving of Meshach Browning to be installed at the trailhead. 
Jessica Spiker of Jessie Lee Chainsaw Art was selected as the artist for the piece. She began the work with a white pine log estimated at over 200 years old which was harvested around the New Germany area near US Route 40. Since this area was frequented by Browning during his hunting expeditions, it is possible that he passed by the sapling of this log. In preparation for the project, Ms Spiker contacted the historical society and through her research, was able to ascertain the exact measurements of Browning's shot bag and powder horn as well as discovering that he often stuffed his pant legs with grass to defend against rattlesnakes and was able to reproduce these details on the statue. 

Welded reclaimed metal sculptures 

On April 22, 2020, the Club took delivery of the latest addition to the outdoor art installation at its community park on Bumble Bee Road - life size reclaimed metal statues of Meshach Browning and a buck. They were created by local artist Joshua Sines ( and were funded via a Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council. Sines creates his work from recycled metal, mainly used auto parts that would otherwise be destined for the the scrap yard.
Community painted 3D printed plaque mosaic
A Meshach Browning-themed community art project was unveiled on September 26 2020 at noon at the Meshach Browning History Center. The project consists of over fifty 3D-printed plaques depicting Meshach Browning which have been painted and decorated by community members and assembled into a mosaic. The production of these panels was paid for by an IMPACT GARRETT COUNTY grant awarded by the Population Health, Innovation & Informatics Unit at the Garrett County Health Department with primary funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Plastic bottlecap mosaic
In November 2020, the club completed and installed a plastic bottlecap mosaic of a hunter surveying a mountaintop sunset. The bottlecaps were provided by the Oakland Green and Clean Team who had collected them for their mosaic project in the Oakland Pocket Park and had leftover supplies. The mosaic was assembled by community members who attended the unveiling of a previous art project at the park in September. The Club mounted the mosaic on its maintenance barn at the trailhead, making it highly visible to visitors approaching the Meshach Browning History Center. The cost of this project was minimal, with the only major expense of a custom frame paid by the Club.
Photo stand-in panel
In December 2020, the Club installed a photo stand-in panel depicting a comic interpretation of Meshach Browning being pursued by a family of bears. The faces of each figure were cut out allowing visitors to take pictures showing their faces through the holes. The panel was handpainted by local artist Katie McGee ( and was funded by a donor who wished to remain anonymous. 
Engraved rock
In August 2021, the Club installed an engraved rock depicting Meshach and his dogs at life-scale.  The ROCK was engraved and installed by Deep Creek Rocks and was funded in part by the Garrett County Arts Council